What gutter maintenance should be done?

What gutter maintenance should be done?

A healthy gutter system plays a crucial role in preventing property damage. If your gutters are in poor condition or become clogged up with debris, then water may not be properly directed away from the home. When water isn't channeled effectively, it's more likely to spill over onto the rooftop, where it could potentially cause rotting. And as gutters become clogged, it's possible that water will spill over into garden beds, where plants could die from being overwatered. At Houston Roofing & Gutters, our team can conduct gutter maintenance and repairs that will ensure water is consistently sent away. By enlisting the help of our local gutter maintenance experts, you won't have to climb up and put yourself in any kind of dangerous situation. We'll work efficiently to ensure your gutters will work just like they should.

Important Types of Gutter Maintenance

It's a good idea to clean out your gutters at least twice per year. This will make it much easier for water to flow freely. If you have deciduous trees growing alongside your home, it'll be best to clean out your gutters in the fall once the leaves have dropped. In Houston, you'll want to clean them out again in late spring, before the heaviest rains arrive in June.

When cleaning out your gutters, you'll also want to check your rooftop for any debris. If organic matter, such as branches and twigs, is littering your roof, it should be cleared away before it eventually makes its way into your gutter system and causes clogs. If you feel uneasy about climbing around on your rooftop, you can call in our roofing and gutter maintenance specialists to complete your needed tasks.

Another important type of maintenance is to periodically inspect gutters for damage. Problems you should check for include rust and corroded joints. You'll also want to inspect downspouts, which play a crucial role in ensuring that water is successfully directed away from your home. If you find any minor gutter damage, it's possible that you'll be able to take care of it with a gutter patching kit. But if there are widespread problems, then you may need a new gutter system to be installed.

Gutter Maintenance in Houston

When you need gutter repair or maintenance, contact Houston Roofing & Gutters at (832) 843-2922. Our nearby roofers are expertly trained in repairing any type of gutter trouble. Feel free to give us a call today to request a free gutter repair estimate in Houston!

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Posted: June 27, 2021

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