7 Sources of Roof Leaks

7 Sources of Roof Leaks

With roof leaks, it's important that you take action as soon as you notice them. By waiting, the leak could worsen and significant water damage could result. Sometimes, it's difficult for homeowners to precisely identify the cause of the leak. But a reputable roofer will be able to quickly pinpoint the cause and then get right to work on fixing the problem. Here are seven common reasons that roofs leak.

Shingle Damage

During periods of extreme wind, shingles may go flying right off your rooftop. But shingle damage also occurs due to regular wear and tear. After numerous years of enduring the weather, cracks can start to form. Because cracked shingles can let water into the home, it's important to repair them right away.

Clogged Gutters

By keeping your gutters in great shape and free of debris, they'll be able to properly channel water away from your home. But when organic matter piles up in your gutters, water may start spilling onto your rooftop, at which point it is more likely to seep inside. To prevent this problem, gutters should be cleaned out twice per year, or after a storm that causes a lot of debris to come down.

Organic Debris on Roof

As branches and twigs accumulate on your rooftop, they can form a kind of dam that leads to water building up. As water pools, there's a greater chance of it seeping inside.

Damaged Flashing

As flashing ages, it is liable to become corroded. Consequently, it could offer an opportunity for water to find its way into the home.

Shallow Roof Slope

There are some benefits of installing roofs with shallow slopes. But, in some instances, shallow-sloped roofs fail to properly send away water. Then as the water pools up, there's a greater risk of it leaking inside.


The metal stripping along skylights is known to be a source of roof leaks, and is definitely worth checking when a leak is occurring in the area of your skylight.

Cracked Vent Pipes

If your vent pipes are old, they may start cracking due to standard wear and tear. This could form an opening for water to leak inside.

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Posted: January 22, 2021

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