Signs that it's Time to Replace Your Shingle Roof

Signs that it's Time to Replace Your Shingle Roof

Signs that it's Time to Replace Your Shingle RoofThere's good reason that 4 out of 5 new homes feature asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingle roofing provides homes with excellent protection at an economical cost. Still, asphalt shingle roofing is subject to degradation and will eventually need to be replaced. Your asphalt shingle roofing's lifespan will largely depend on the specific kind of shingles that you have. 3-tab is the most affordable option and will usually hold up strongly for 15 to 20 years. A pricier option is architectural shingles, which typically last for 25 years or longer. Premium shingles carry the highest price tag but regularly remain in great shape for 40 years. In addition to life expectancy, there are other ways to get a sense of whether your shingle roofing will soon need to be replaced. If your shingle roofing is starting to look worn-down, you'll want to have an experienced roofer come by and conduct an inspection. At Houston Roofing & Gutters, our local roofing crew provides expertise with inspecting, maintaining, and installing shingle roofing. We'd be happy to help you with any of your shingle roofing needs. Here are four signs that you need shingle roof replacement.

Cracking/Curling Shingles

A cracked shingle or two may not necessitate a new roof, and repair could be a viable route. But extensive cracking/curling of shingles throughout your roof is a sign that it's time for replacement. This is an issue that should be taken care of ASAP so you don't risk water damage in your home.

Shingles Are Lifting

A sign of an extensive water leak in your roofing is that shingles are lifting up. If you notice this issue, it'll be best to have a roofer conduct an inspection and see if the problem is pervasive enough that it warrants roof replacement.

Heavy Moss Growth

If your roof is still rather young, it'll be worth cleaning the moss, which you can do by using commercial cleaning products that are readily available at hardware stores. But an old roof that is thoroughly covered with moss/algae may need to be replaced, as there is a good chance that its structural integrity has weakened.

At End of Lifespan

As your shingle roofing nears the end of its expected lifespan, you'll want to keep more of an eye on its condition.

Shingle Roofing in Houston, TX

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Posted: October 2021

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