Expert Residential Roofing Services in Houston, TX

Expert Residential Roofing Services in Houston, TX

From new roof installation to seasonal roof maintenance, when you need a residential roofer, be sure to entrust the work to a company that has earned a strong reputation for providing top-quality service at reasonable rates. Here are six residential roofing services provided by an experienced roofer in Houston.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Installs

Asphalt shingle is the most common type of roofing in North America, with around 75% of homes having it. This roofing is popular because it is affordable and durable. Also, these shingles can be easily replaced if damaged during a storm.

Metal Roofing Installs in Houston

Some metal roofs can withstand wind gusts of up to 180 mph, making them a great option for areas that experience hurricanes and other extreme storms. Metal roofing is also long-lasting. With minimal maintenance, it can last a lifetime. And it can keep your cooling costs down by deflecting sunlight.

Roof Leak Repair

When shingles or vent pipes become damaged, roof leaks can form. To prevent serious water damage inside your home, roof leaks should always be brought to a roofer’s attention as soon as possible.

Wind Damage Roof Repair

During a major wind storm, tree limbs and other debris can come crashing down on your roof, causing significant damage. In such a scenario, you’ll want to have a roofer return your roofing to its previous condition so that your home remains properly protected from the elements.

Roof Maintenance

Doing roof maintenance can be quite dangerous for those who lack experience and proper equipment. Rather than risking your safety, you can have a professional come by to conduct autumn and spring roof maintenance.

Skylight Repair in Houston

A well-known source of roof leaks is the metal stripping along skylights. If your skylight’s metal stripping is allowing water to get inside, you’ll want to get the repairs done ASAP.

If you need residential roofing services, be sure to get in touch with a reputable roofer. For residential roofing in Houston, TX, contact the experts at Houston Roofing & Gutters at (832) 843-2922. Houston Roofing & Gutters also specializes in commercial roofing in Houston, TX. Feel free to give Houston Roofing & Gutters a call today to request a free roofing estimate in Houston!

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Posted: May 28, 2021

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